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Whether you are brand new to podcast advertising or a seasoned pro, you probably have many questions about this highly dynamic, highly impactful form of marketing. In your free consult, we’ll provide the answers and discuss building a campaign specifically designed for your target audience and KPIs.

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In this free 30-minute session, we will:

  • Explain how Podcast Advertising works and how costs are determined

  • Learn your campaign objectives and target audience(s)

  • Learn your target timing and budget

  • Talk about next steps

Why PodSearchAD?

With over 10 years of experience in podcast advertising, our team is deeply familiar with the power of the podcasting medium.

PodSearchAD buys podcast ads on over 100 podcast networks as well as thousands of independent podcasts. With genres ranging from the most focused niches to the broadest audience interests, our team has incredibly detailed data on all of them.

Our 3-Step Plan to Help You Reach Your Target Audience



1. Schedule Your Free Strategy Session

On your free consult, we’ll learn about your company, product/service, target audience, timing, budget, and KPIs. If you’re unsure about any of these, don’t worry! We’ll talk you through it.


2. Plan and Implement Your Campaign

Our planning team will put together a podcast advertising plan tailored to your target audience and KPIs for your review. If you choose to move forward, our team will handle everything from placing orders, campaign prep, copywriting, A/B testing, response tracking, reporting, optimization, accounting, and more.


3. Scale with the Power of Podcasts

PodSearchAD works with all of the major podcast networks and independent podcasts. We’ll help you scale your podcast advertising campaign with the right shows and audiences to continually deliver the results you need long-term.